Deep Tissues Ep. 7 – Featuring Dave Foley

On episode 7 of Deep Tissues, Sasha and David stretch out with Kid in the Hall Dave Foley. Listen in as they talk about his illustrious career, his experience with butt massage, and Arianna’s stance on sexual harassment in the work place.

Deep Tissues Ep. 6 – Featuring JC Coccoli

Sasha and David loosen up with comedienne JC Coccoli for episode 6 of Deep Tissues. Listen in as they talk about JC’s life as a performer, why nobody takes her new pet seriously, and how Google’s smart-search refuses to recognize Sasha’s name.

Deep Tissues Ep. 5 – Featuring Jonathan Daniel Brown

Sasha and David lie down with Project X’s Jonathan Daniel Brown for Episode 5 of Deep Tissues. Listen in as they talk about his latest film Kid Cannabis, all the drugs he has ever taken, and how he doesn’t want to end up like Corey Feldman.

Deep Tissues Ep. 4 – Featuring Mark Borchardt

American Movie’s Mark Borchardt flys in from Milwaukee for a rubdown with Sasha and David.

Listen in as Mark lays out his must-see cinema, they discuss other great documentaries about insider filmmaking, and uh… Sasha explains why she hasn’t shaved her legs this week.

Deep Tissues Ep. 2 – Featuring Zoe Bell

Raze” star Zoe Bell bares all with Sasha and David on the second episode of the series.

Listen in as Zoe and Sasha talk about landing their first major film roles, what everyone thinks about Tinder, and which movies traumatized them the most as children.

Deep Tissues Ep. 1 – Featuring Paul Soter

Paul Soter joins Sasha and David on the tables for the very first episode of the series.

Listen in as they talk about “Super Troopers 2“, a “Would You Rather” sequel, and what California law has to say about what’s allowed during a massage.